Coaching Positions Available

WWB is looking for qualified and motivated coaches for winter programming and spring teams. If you are interested, or know of someone you think would be a good fit (an experienced coach who is positive, enthusiastic, and cares about teaching the game to be played the right way), please let us know! Email us at

WWB coaches realize they are not only teaching the game of baseball; they are teaching valuable lifelong lessons that carry far beyond the field into the classroom, the home, and will stay with their players as they mature and develop. Coaches have their players, and team as a whole, focus on effort and personal improvement, rather than simply on winning or losing. WWB coaches help players realize that mistakes are inevitable and an important part of the learning process, and that the key to success is being able to bounce back from mistakes with renewed determination. The goal is to have players gain a sense of control over their own development and confidence in their ability to succeed – on and off the ball field. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________