Players, Coaches, and Parents: Our Philosophy

At Win Within Baseball, we believe in honoring the game of baseball. That means that players, coaches, parents, fans, and umpires are all expected to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship and commit to a positive culture on and off the ball field. By choosing to be a member of the Win Within Baseball Tribe, players, coaches, and parents believe in the following:     


WWB players look forward to challenging themselves, their teammates, and their opponents because they realize it pushes them to perform at their highest potential. There is no fear of failure, only an opportunity to learn and get better.  WWB players understand that it is a privilege to play sports, and value the time they are able to spend interacting with different people, learning important lessons, and having fun with their teammates and coaches. Players commit to:

  • Arrive on time to practices and games
  • Be a positive teammate
  • Give maximum effort from start to finish
  • Wear the WWB uniform with pride: clean, shirts tucked, hats on straight
  • Communicate directly with coaches at all times, before involving parents (age appropriate)
  • Be responsible for own equipment before, during, after practices and games
  • Respect the field – pick up trash, keep dugouts orderly


WWB coaches realize they are not only teaching the game of baseball; they are teaching valuable lifelong lessons that carry far beyond the field into the classroom, the home, and will stay with their players as they mature and develop. Coaches have their players, and team as a whole, focus on effort and personal improvement, rather than simply on winning or losing. WWB coaches help players realize that mistakes are inevitable and an important part of the learning process, and that the key to success is being able to bounce back from mistakes with renewed determination. The goal is to have players gain a sense of control over their own development and confidence in their ability to succeed – on and off the ball field.


WWB parents understand that the goals of youth sports are to learn and have fun in a positive culture. They commit to getting their player to practice/games on time. Parents use only positive encouragement toward their player, his/her teammates, coaches, umpires, and opponents. Parents refrain from yelling out instruction to their player (regardless of whether right or wrong) because they realize that is the coaches’ job, and receiving instruction from multiple sources is confusing for the player. They refrain from making negative comments about their player’s teammates or coaches in their player’s presence, as they realize this can negatively influence their player’s motivation and overall experience. They stay away from the dugout area, as they understand it’s a place for team building. They support and encourage their player at all times.