"I wanted you to know what a great season it has been this year.  The coaches have been so positive. It is incredibly impressive.  I have witnessed them taking a shy boy like my son and turned him into a confident hitter and ball player whom they gave the game ball to on Friday night.  Truly heart warming - and I wanted you to know how thankful we are to all those coaches and Win Within." 

- 11U Parent

"I just wanted to let you know that my son and I have watched your Win Within 11U team a couple of times at Lynbrook Park (we live in that neighborhood). Very impressed with the way the coaches handle the players and the way the kids conduct themselves and play the game. Refreshing to see a local travel team doing things that right way."
- CEO of a National Baseball Recruiting Company

"Last night was my son's first Tribe game, and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the team and how much I enjoyed eavesdropping on your interactions with the kids.  It seems like you have a really strong rapport with them and have them focused and learning but also loose.  My son was high as a kite last night after the game, very excited to be a part of the team."
- 10U Parent

"It looks like the season has gotten off to an excellent start for the 10U team -- and with the new influx of players, and the excellent coaching staff, the team is gelling, focused and nothing but positive. My son is thrilled to be a part of this group."
- 10U Parent
"Just wanted to send a note to say it seems that the vibe on the 12u is really good this spring and the practices look very professional and energetic!  Well done coaches!"
- 12U Parent

        My 9-year-old son Will plays Little League and with a 10u traveling team. Last fall he developed a lot of elbow pain and swelling and couldn't even straighten his right arm by the end of the season. Our pediatric orthopedic surgeon diagnosed him with medial epicondylitis, or “Little League Elbow.” Will couldn’t play the rest of the season and took the next four months off without throwing, which seemed to resolve the problem. Soon after he started back up this spring, the pain and swelling came back. We realized that something about his throwing mechanics must be causing this recurring injury, but nobody knew how to fix it. He met with Coach L., who immediately identified the problem with his throwing and gave him drills to help him adjust his mechanics to avoid future injury. He also showed Will how to warm up his arm properly and taught him exercises to improve his arm strength.
          Since then, Will has been throwing with no pain. He has been so happy to be able to return to baseball without constantly having to worry about his arm. It has been amazing to see how well the new techniques that Coach L. taught him have been working. After months of arm troubles, he was able to diagnose the problems with my son’s mechanics in just 45 minutes and gave him great drills to help him work on making the changes.
          Now that Will’s arm is doing better, Coach L. is helping him rebuild his arm strength and improve his skills as a catcher. We feel so grateful that he can learn the techniques from a professional with so much experience as both a player and coach.
- Private Lesson Parent